Waste & Recycling

Waste and recycling is a large complex industry with pedestrians often working in close proximity to mobile plant in a range of different environments.

SiteZone PWS has been deployed across the UK on almost every type of waste and recycling site including waste transfer stations, material recycling facilities, energy from waste sites and civic amenity sites.


SiteZone products used in waste & recycling

The most common system used in the waste and recycling industry is the fixed installation variant, unlike the construction industry plant is less transient so the fixed installation is more appropriate on these sites. The use of a permanently installed system also allows for easier use of some of SiteZone additional functionality such as multiple preset zones and integration with machine functions.

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Where vehicles are brought on to site for short periods then the SiteZone EasyFit system can be used.

The BucketZone is a ruggedised sensor that creates a secondary zone around the working equipment of a machine. This is useful in producing a more practical zone around wheeled loaders.

The dual antenna SiteZone is designed for larger site vehicles such as articulated dump trucks and mobile cranes.

The zone selector allows for two preset ranges to be set on installation, this can be useful in applications where a vehicle works in different environments. The zone can be changed via a supervisor key switch or in some cases using certain machine functions such as the lever lock (deadman's handle) or handbrake.

The SiteZone Limiter produces a "null zone" which "hides" SiteZone tag wearers from detection by the SiteZone system. This is useful for personnel who are less vulnerable such as those travelling in support vehicles or in areas segregated from moving plant.

A wireless proximity warning solution for easy, instant fit. The iNstant product was designed for transient site vehicles such as delivery vehicles or vehicles on very short term hire. The addition of the iNstant remote display (iRD) makes the Site iNstant ideal for vehicles such as MEWPS where a wired system cannot be used. The iNstant can also be used to create exclusion zones.

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SiteZone fits any equipment

SiteZone proximity warning systems can be fitted to any mobile plant commonly used in the Waste and Recycling sector.


Case studies

As one of the UK’s leading environmental services providers, we are always looking to improve the way we manage health and safety. Modern methods, such as the SiteZone Proximity Warning system integrate very well with our other site safety measures and enable us to ensure continual improvement in the safety of our workers.

Paul Stokes, Head of SHEQ at FCC Environment

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