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Forklift trucks are one of the most commonly used industrial vehicles and unsurprisingly are responsible for a high proportion of the incidents relating to plant – personnel collisions. As with all our other areas of operation we have developed dedicated solutions to ensure the best possible result whether our customers are working in a warehouse or operating a large port.


SiteZone products used in warehouse, logistics and industrial

The SiteZone FLT system has been specifically configured to meet the requirements within the warehouse and logistics market. The design takes into consideration the restricted space available in standard counterbalance forklift trucks. Alternative alert methods have also been provided where excessive alarm noise in not acceptable.

Additional functionality is also available with SiteZone FLT, this includes zoning and speed control

In some applications it may not be appropriate to install vehicle mounted systems, that is where Crossing Zone comes in. Crossing Zone is based on the SiteZone iNstant product and can be deployed to create individual points of detection which can be set up to provide audible and visual warning to pedestrians should a truck be near a point of concern.

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The SiteZone Limiter produces a "null zone" which "hides" SiteZone tag wearers from detection by the SiteZone system. This is useful for personnel who are less vulnerable such as those travelling in support vehicles or in areas segregated from moving plant.

SiteZone fits any equipment

Counterbalance FLT, VNA Trucks, Reach Stacker and Container handlers

Integration into Machine Functions

  • SiteZone has always had the capability of being integrated into machine functions such as deadman’s handles or the handbrake. Although it is not commonplace in most applications, it can be very important in the Warehouse and Logistics market.


Slow and Stop

  • Slow and stop is an enhancement for SiteZone PWS fitted to forklift trucks. On the detection a personnel transponder the truck can be slowed. This enhancement is provided by one of our partners Transmon Engineering Ltd. 


Zone Control

  • Changes the size of the detection zone. This can be useful when a vehicle goes from an outdoors environment where a larger zone is required to an indoors environment where a smaller zone may be necessary. The speed of the truck can also be limited depending on environment.



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