The infrastructure required to ensure that the lights stay on and clean water comes out of our taps is vast. The use of mobile plant is wide spread with many of the applications undertaken requiring staff to work in close proximity to moving equipment. The utilities sector has one of the widest range of applications of all activities including the use of specialist mobile plant.


Safety products used in utilities

Both the standard installation and EasyFit systems are appropriate for use in the utilities sector. The standard permanently installed system is more commonly used on fixed infrastructure sites such as water treatment works whereas the EasyFit system is a better solution for short term projects such as infrastructure construction or street works.

Standard Forward tipping dumpers and other variants are widely used in the utilities sector. The Dumper Advance is ideal for reducing the risk in applications areas such as sand filter bed operations in the water industry.

The BucketZone is a ruggedised sensor that creates a secondary zone around the working equipment of a machine. This makes it useful in certain applications and on machines such as excavators and wheeled loaders.

The zone selector allows for two preset ranges to be set on installation, this can be useful in applications where a vehicle works in different environments. The zone can be changed via a supervisor key switch or in some cases using certain machine functions such as the lever lock (deadman's handle) or handbrake.

SiteZone fits any equipment

With a similar range of equipment used in utilities and construction SiteZone can be widely deployed in the utilities sector including on specialist equipment such as sand skimmers

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