The use of mobile equipment in the rail sector is wide ranging with mobile plant being used in activities from the construction of new railway lines through to the maintenance and modernisation of existing infrastructure. With a working environment that includes night time working and the use of industry specific vehicles the rail environment can be extremely demanding. Not only does SiteZone have the flexibility needed for the rail applications, but our team has years of experience in designing products for use and operating in the rail sector.


SiteZone products used in rail

The SiteZone EasyFit system is well suited to the rail sector where deployments can be relatively short. it can be installed in less than 30 minutes in most instances. The product is available for purchase or can be hired through our rental partner ESS Safeforce

The BucketZone is a ruggedised sensor that creates a secondary zone around the working equipment of a machine. This can be deployed in applications where the proximity of personnel to the working equipment of a machine such as an excavator is a concern.

The zone selector allows for two preset ranges to be set on installation, this can be useful in applications where a vehicle works in different environments or modes of operation. In the rail industry this could be applicable when machines such as a Road Rail Excavator require a zone for static operations and a second zone for travel. The zone can be changed via a supervisor key switch or in some cases using certain machine functions such as the lever lock (deadman's handle) or handbrake.

A wireless proximity warning solution for easy, instant fit suitable for use on road rail MEWPS where cabling is not possible and for the creation of static exclusion zones around vulnerable infrastructure such as points.

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Modified forward tipping dumpers are a useful tool in the rail industry industry. Our work with a principle contractor has resulted in a system specifically for these vehicles.

SiteZone fits any equipment

Any construction equipment adapted for rail use such as excavators, MEWPS, bulldozers and forward tipping dumpers.

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