Sectors we help improve personnel safety

We work across the UK in a wide range of industries


We work with some of the biggest names in the UK construction industry across all activities from building to major civil engineering projects. SiteZone PWS has been deployed thousands of times across the construction industry.


Waste & Recycling

SiteZone is deployed across the UK in almost every type of waste and recycling environment including waste transfer stations, material recycling facilities, land fill operations, energy from waste and even civic amenity sites.

Warehouse, Logistics & Industrial

Forklift trucks are one of the most commonly used industrial vehicles and unsurprisingly are responsible for a high proportion of the incidents relating to plant – personnel collisions. We have developed dedicated solutions to ensure the best possible result in this sector.


The use of mobile equipment in the rail sector is wide ranging with plant being used in activities from the construction of new railway line through to the maintenance and modernisation of existing infrastructure. SiteZone has the flexibility needed for rail applications and our team has years of experience in designing products for use and operating in the rail sector.


The infrastructure required to ensure that the lights stay on and clean water comes out of our taps is vast. The use of mobile plant is wide spread with many of the applications undertaken requiring staff to work in close proximity to moving equipment. The utilities sector has one of the widest range of applications of all activities including the use of specialist mobile plant.

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