SmartBubble Technology is a range of patent pending solutions developed by SiteZone Safety to enhance the performance of the SiteZone proximity warning systems.

What is SmartBubble Technology?


When a warning or alarm sounds people need to take appropriate action. In the case of SiteZone this action is required to prevent a possible incident between vehicles and pedestrians, a potentially catastrophic event.

In many applications people will on occasion need to be in close proximity to a machine to perform certain tasks. SiteZone currently supports this by using the authorised approach method.

Authorised approach allows the vehicle operator to allow people into the exclusion zone of a vehicle if the correct site protocols have been followed e.g. thumbs up.

SmartBubble goes one step further by automating this process when the machine is in a safe state, for example:

  • A vehicle is stationary
  • A safety device is engaged, such as the lever lock (deadman’s handle) on an excavator

When one of these conditions is met, SmartBubble technology automatically reduces the exclusion zone to a second predefined “safe zone”, allowing personnel to carry out the required tasks. When the vehicle leaves its safe state the exclusion zone returns to its normal detection zone.

SmartBubble technology can also work with specific machine functions e.g., SiteZone system active when vehicle is in reverse only.

Key features of SiteZone SmartBubble  

  •  Patent pending technology
  •  Available on range of machines
  •  Non-invasive installation options
  •  Retrofitting to existing SiteZone installation

Key benefits of using SiteZone SmartBubble  

  •  Maximises alarm integrity
  •  Reduces potential impact on operational performance

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase the SiteZone proximity warning system or alternatively the system can be hired through our national hire partner ESS Safeforce. We also offer competitive lease hire arrangements.

SiteZone generates an RF field (or bubble) around the vehicle. If the bubble is breached by a transponder wearing pedestrian then SiteZone generates appropriate alarms warning both the vehicle operator and pedestrian. This warning gives time for all parties to take the necessary actions. Multiple and concurrent breaches are recognised and all alarm events are data logged.

We use our unparalleled applications knowledge to help our customers successfully implement SiteZone into their site operations. Thousands of installations have been completed to date on a wide range sites.

All tags are tamper-proof with no user serviceable parts.  The long battery life and rugged construction provides reliable operation and removes the need for rechargeable or replaceable batteries.

SiteZone is recommended for use wherever there is a safety concern and incident potential between personnel and vehicles. See the Sectors for more information.

We have deployed SiteZone on vehicles from small forklift trucks all the way up to a 160 tonne crane and every type of mobile plant inbetween.

Is your workplace safe?

There are simple and effective steps that can be taken to improve the safety of the plant - personnel interface. Think safe site, safe vehicle, safe pedestrians.