Personnel Distancing System (PDS)

What is SiteZone PDS?

SiteZone PDS is a system designed to help enforce social distancing rules which have been introduced to ensure worker safety.

Key Benefits  

  •  Helps enforce 2m social distancing rule
  •  Enables sites to work whilst protecting worker health
  •    Compatiable with existing SiteZone Proximity Warning installations
  •    Proven technology

Key Features

  •    Easy to use
  •    Ultra-light and easy to wear
  •    Hi-capacity powerpack (100 hours between charges)
  •    Short-term hire options available

How does SiteZone PDS work?

The system uses the same core technology as the field-proven SiteZone proximity warning system which is currently deployed across a wide range of industries.

Keeping your workplace safe

Have a look at our Site Safety Tool Box to see what you can do to reduce the risk of vehicle – personnel collisions.