SiteZone iNstant

A wireless proximity warning solution for easy, instant fit. No installation downtime, ideal for site transient vehicles, very short term hire and vehicles such as MEWPS. SiteZone iNstant can also create site exclusion zones and is the basis of SiteZone's Crossing Zone solution.

Key Benefits of using SiteZone iNstant

  •  Almost zero installation downtime
  • No cabling
  • Optional remote display for vehicle operator (iRD)
  •  Independent of vehicle or machine power supply

Key Features

  • Portable solution for providing an instant exclusion zone solution to any vehicle or area
  • Battery powered
  • Compatible with all SiteZone PWS products
  • Instant exclusion zone
  • Zone range adjustable from 2m – 10m
  • Independent audible and visual warning of zone breaches from battery base unit and INstant Remote Display (iRD)

Suitable for

  • Short term installations
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Static exclusion zones

Crossing Zone

Although most applications involve SiteZone being fitted to vehicles and pedestrians wearing tags this may not always represent the best solution to some client’s needs. This may be the case in some environments where vehicle – personnel segregation is already in place and clients are mainly concerned about site crossing points, or areas where pedestrians and vehicles will occasionally interact.

In using the SiteZone iNstant, individual points of detection can be set up providing local audible and visual warning should a truck be present at a point of concern. Trucks are fitted with specially adapted tags and the base stations are mounted in appropriate static locations. When the truck nears the location an alarm will activate warning any pedestrians in the vicinity that a truck is nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SiteZone iNstant is simply a self contained portable SiteZone system, it operates in exactly the same way as all other SiteZone systems.

No, the iNstant base station can be used completely independently of the iRD, this would be the case if you were creating static exclusion zones. 

The range that the base station and iRD can communicate effectively over is dependent on a number of factors. The operational range is expected to be at least 20 metres however much longer ranges have been achieved.

Yes, authorised entry into the zone can either be initiated from the base unit or from the iRD

SiteZone iNstant is a very flexible system and has been specifically designed for vehicles where running cables may be difficult such as MEWPS. It can also be used where it is essential to keep downtime to a minimum during the installation process such as delivery vehicles.

One of the other major uses of the iNstant product is to exclusion zones around static areas.

SiteZone iNstant can be used on a towing attachment such as a bowser whilst a standard system can be used on the towing vehicle ensuring both vehicles have the appropriate detection zone. Being able to quickly install an iNstant system to a towing attachment is a much more convenient option than running additional cables.

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