VEI Weighing Solutions

A new name in UK onboard weighing solutions.


VEI has over 30 years’ experience in providing Onboard Weighing Solutions around the globe.  They have chosen SiteZone as their exclusive UK Distributor to bring its industry leading onboard weighing solutions to the UK market.


Key Benefits

  • Right first time, every time loading

  • No overloading reduces excessive tyre and part wear and tear

  • No underloading improves fuel efficiency by eliminating repeat trips to the weighbridge

  • Improves productivity and safety by reducing on site vehicle movements

  • Reduces risk of road traffic law infringements due to overloading

  • Exceptional accuracy and reliability



  • Best in the industry 3-year parts warranty

  • Easily upgraded from entry level to advanced options

  • Easy to use

  • National support network

  • Competitively priced

Vehicle Applications

The VEI Onboard Weighing Solutions can be fitted on a diverse range of industrial vehicles.

Wheel Loaders





Right first time loading can help improve the profitability of your material handling operations. VEI Onboard Weighing Solutions can used across a range of industries and excavations, including waste and recycling quarries, anywhere accurate load monitoring is important. VEI products are designed for and proven in the toughest environments.


UK Service & Support

Choosing to invest in any product is a big decision and no matter what the specification and how good it looks on paper that product will only be as good as the service and support that comes with it. That is why at SiteZone Productivity we treat service and support as an extension of our products, and why we have built a national service and support network.


Our commitment to you ensures

  • Full installation service

  • Local support

  • 3-year parts warranty

  • Service Level Agreements on Request



Is your workplace safe?

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