Oversite Telematics

The OverSite telematics solutions elevates SiteZone PWS to a new level by allowing customers to remotely monitor the interaction between personnel and mobile plant across multiple site locations.

Key benefits of Oversite

  •   Remotely monitor personnel behaviour around vehicles
  •   Identify those at risk
  •   Make real time positive interventions
  •   Identify personnel training needs
  •   Identify “problem” areas on site
  •   Monitor effectiveness of segregations policies

Key features

  • Snail Trail View allows users to monitor plant activity and personnel interactions in real time (and historically) on Google Maps overlay
  • Multiple reporting options
  • Automatic alerts by email
  • Geo fence areas and create points of interests (POIs)
  • Installed or retrofitted to existing SiteZone systems in minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the OverSite telematics module can easily be added to an existing SiteZone installation.

The OverSite system consists of two main elements. A telemetry module which is installed as an option to a SiteZone installation. This transmits the information from the SiteZone system to a cloud based server. The second element is the web based analytics package which is accessed via a password protected user login page.

No, data can be downloaded directly from the SiteZone system. However using OverSite is not just the most convenient way to retrieve and analyse your data it also offers a much greater range of functionality. The most important benefit of using OverSite is that information can  be viewed "real time" and therefore positive interventions can be made earlier than systems which post process data.


Like all SiteZone proximity warning products OverSite can be hired from our partner ESS Safeforce

If you choose to purchase the OverSite telematics system you automatically get 12 months subscription include with each unit. Subsequent subscriptions are purchased on an annual basis.

Providing there is a mobile phone signal where you want to use OverSite it will transmit data, if there is no mobile phone signal available the unit will transmit it's data when a signal becomes available. In terms of the positioning information (GPS) this can work indoors although positional accuracy will vary as with other GPS devices.

Is your workplace safe?

There are simple and effective steps that can be taken to improve the safety of the plant - personnel interface. Think safe site, safe vehicle, safe pedestrians.