How do I get the SiteZone Proximity Warning System?

You can purchase the SiteZone proximity warning system or alternatively the system can be hired through our national hire partner ESS Safeforce. OnGrade also offers competitive lease hire arrangements.

How does SiteZone work?

SiteZone generates an RF field (or bubble) around the vehicle. If the bubble is breached by a transponder wearing pedestrian then SiteZone generates appropriate alarms warning both the vehicle operator and pedestrian. This warning gives time for all parties to take necessary evasive actions. Multiple and concurrent breaches are recognised and all alarm events are data logged.

How easy is SiteZone to implement on my sites?

We use our unparalleled applications knowledge to help our customers successfully implement SiteZone in to their site operations. Thousands of installations have been completed to date on a wide range sites.

Where can it be used?

SiteZone is recommended for use wherever there is a safety issue and incident potential between personnel and vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to:
Construction sites, aggregate sites, quarries, waste management sites, landfill sites, warehouses, scrap yards, ports, docksides etc.

Are SiteZone transponders (tags) serviceable?

All tags are tamper-proof with no user serviceable parts.  The long battery life and rugged construction provides reliable operation and removes the need for rechargeable or replaceable batteries.

What machines can SiteZone be used on?

We have deployed SiteZone on vehicles from small forklift trucks all the way up to a 160 tonne crane and every type of mobile plant in between.

How can I wear the SiteZone Transponder?

The SiteZone transponder has been designed to be worn in a number of ways

  1. On a hard hat or bump cap
  2. In an armband
  3. Using a safety break lanyard

Are SiteZone transponders safe to wear?

SiteZone transponders operate well below the prescribed occupational exposure limits for this type of transmitting device.

Are SiteZone transponder universal?

SiteZone transponders are universal and will operate with any SiteZone branded proximity warning system. Specific transponders can be allocated to drivers but all tags will be detected when being used by pedestrians.

How do I know my transponder is working?

Transponders can be tested by using an office based transponder test unit. This requires passing the tag in front of the “reader” which verifies the transponder integrity prior to its daily use.

Can I "tag" static objects?
The simple answer is Yes!

If there is an identified onsite collision hazard then the application of a tag can give due warning to all SiteZone compliant machinery.

Can I "tag" a vehicle?
The simple answer is Yes!

If there is a need for vehicle detection then a tag can be fitted to the vehicle(s) in question. This reduces the possibility of “vehicle – vehicle” collisions and also makes it easier for smaller onsite vehicles (ATV, pickups etc) to be detected by the much larger onsite vehicles which usually have limited visibility.




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