SiteZone Safety Team

Our team has many years of experience in the design, installation and support of mobile equipment safety products.

The Team

We are specialists and our goal is reducing the risk of collisions between vehicles and vulnerable persons using innovative products and technology. Our job is not done once our product has been installed and handed over to the customer, we believe that our responsibility never ends which is why we are committed to working closely with our clients in all areas including service, support and training.

We also work with selected partners do deliver the best solution whatever your application or industry.

ESS Safeforce

Hire Partner

SiteZone Safety and ESS Safeforce began their relationship in 2014 and the ability for customers to be able to hire product has been a key part in the SiteZone Safety success story. Starting with just 10 systems and 100 personal transponders the ESS Safeforce fleet now stands at over 500 systems and 3,500 tags. ESS also operates a dedicated proximity warning team including dedicated support engineers.

Established in 1991, ESS Safeforce has gradually become one of the leading specialist safety, survey, communications and test and measurement equipment companies in the UK. Over 25 years the business has grown and today, ESS Safeforce supplies over 5,000 customers with Equipment, Specialist Support Services and Training.

GKD Technologies

Technology Partner

GKD Technologies is a leading provider of systems designed for safeguarding personnel and machines. GKD Technologies, based in the UK, have been supplying such systems for over 25 years.

GKD Technologies is the market leader in Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) electronic safety systems, supplying systems worldwide.

GKD provide the core technology for the SiteZone proximity warning system and together with SiteZone Safety work to continually enhance the UK's leading RFID based proximity warning system to meet the ever changing needs of the market.

Transmon Engineering

Transmon Engineering Ltd, Established in 1994 specialise in the design, supply and installation of materials handling control and safety systems. 

The Transmon range includes everything from forklift truck safety lighting and cameras to keypad access and  fleet management systems.

Transmon also specialise in the design and implementation of bespoke safety and control systems for when an ‘off the shelf’ product does not meet a client’s health and safety requirements. 

Transmon Engineering designed for the innovative "slow and stop" feature for use with the SiteZone system Find Out More

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